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The importance of good bread and butter

I grew up in the country where bread has a very respected and important place in the food culture. And I don’t mean just any strange, mass-produced, awkwardly square, white bread that sticks to your mouth. I’m talking about proper bread with a crispy crust, fluffy and soft inside, eaten with good butter or olive oil. Simple as that!
I’m talking about the art of making and eating real bread.


Dan Richer, who is a chef and owner of “Razza Pizza Artiginale” in New Jersey thinks bread and butter is as important as any other food in his restaurant. He says it’s like eating a great sushi, where both the fish and rice come at the perfect temperature and are perfectly prepared. What he does is a true art and craft and I absolutely share his appreciation of these two simple ingredients, so often taken for granted or not enough cared for.


“I aspire to be a sushi master of the bread & butter world. The ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ of bread and butter.” Dan Richer said in his interview with a NY food journalist and storyteller.

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