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Behavioral economics of minimalism and decluttering

Minimalism by Jovi

  I love the sense of space and minimalism is one of the great ways of achieving it in the crowded world. The concept, which initially emerged in sculpture and painting, is also applied to the idea of simplifying our lives with minimum of possessions. Japan is famous for not having much space to play […]

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South Africa of contrasts, inequalities and big hopes

Johannesburg city centre housing

  South Africa’s spiritual leader Desmond Tutu called the country “the rainbow nation”. And it is one of the most vibrant, multicultural environments I’ve seen. It also has a wealth diversity when in comes to population, cultural heritage and landscape. One of the most eye-catching contrasts I noticed when travelling around SA is reflected in […]

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The economy of feelings and its value for society

The economy of feelings

“The empathy economy is booming. Facts are out, feelings are in” – Michael Rock, New York Times – The human capacity and need for meaningful connections, interactions and relationships is undeniable. In a global economy driven by digital disruption, overachievement and sometimes extreme individualism, there is a shift happening which brings humanity to the centre of attention. I’ve been […]

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The importance of good bread and butter

I grew up in the country where bread has a very respected and important place in the food culture. And I don’t mean just any strange, mass-produced, awkwardly square, white bread that sticks to your mouth. I’m talking about proper bread with a crispy crust, fluffy and soft inside, eaten with good butter or olive […]

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Everything they own in a single photo by Huang Qingjun

chinese families 4

  Your house and all your belongings can tell a lot about you and for some of us we would need a lot of space and pictures to capture all that we have. For others, one picture and a small space outside the house is enough to show the lifetime possessions. Huang Qingjun traveled around China […]

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